IN 2019, KIWI

athlete and designer Geoff Gates began creating a line of exclusive sustainable activewear with a vision to combine the worlds of fashion, high-performance and aspiration. Fast forward two years, and ZOVARI was lauched - New Zealand's new face of active fashion for those who dare to dream. Recycled Italian fabrics formed into bold silhouettes, each ZOVARI piece is handmade to be a reflection of your own unique persona.


about protecting our planet. So do we. In fact, we believe we all have a responsibility to leave this planet in a better state than we found it. With our roots in the lush natural environment of New Zealand, we’re focused more than ever on preserving our beautiful earth. That’s why the lifecycle of every aspect of ZOVARI products are considered from production to purchase.
From the fabrics and material made from recycled plastic bottles, to the reusable packaging we provide with our products - we’re committed to doing everything we can to sustain the planet we call home.


"ZOVARI is the realisation of a vision to celebrate the true creativity, self expression and unity of incredible humans everywhere - no matter who they are or where they are from. To create a label that stands for more, that challenges the norms - both in design and in society. By blending high-fashion with high-performance, ZOVARI is all about creating a unique activewear-couture experience for the wearer, founded on a story of self-actualisation, sustainability and unique design."